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 TTR-20-TT Forklift, Mast

2000 Barrett TTR-20-TT Forklift, Mast

USED - Complete mast including cylinder, Chains., Less forks & carriage (sold separate)
Spencer, IA $500.00

 TTR-20-TT Tire and Rim

2000 Barrett TTR-20-TT Tire And Rim

USED - Tire w/ steel wheel
Tire Size: 12 X 4.5 X 8
Spencer, IA $75.00
2 available
 TTR-20-TT Steering Column

2000 Barrett TTR-20-TT Steering Column

USED - Complete w/ wheel and gearbox
Tilting: NO
Spencer, IA $300.00
 TTR-20-TT Forklift, Forks

2000 Barrett TTR-20-TT Forklift, Forks

USED - Forks (2) w/ carriage
Length: 72
Spencer, IA $300.00

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