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 SP100-B Hydraulic Pump

1980 Rex SP100-B Hydraulic Pump: P/N 02-7949-1

USED - Steering pump, Vickers P/N TM42-60-75-20-MD-R1-12
Model#: VTM42
Application: STEERING
Spencer, IA $275.00

 SP100-B Hood

1980 Rex SP100-B Hood: P/N 502-06650-80

USED - Wrap around hood only, Grille and instrument console sold separate
Spencer, IA $450.00

 SP100-B Steering Column

1980 Rex SP100-B Steering Column: P/N 102-9236-1

USED - Steering console with steering valve
Spencer, IA $450.00

 SP100-B Dash Panel

1980 Rex SP100-B Dash Panel: P/N 502-06627-80

USED - Gauge console with hinged cover
Spencer, IA $150.00

 SP100-B Hydraulic Cooler

1980 Rex SP100-B Hydraulic Cooler: P/N 102-10785-1

USED - Hydraulic oil cooler only
Spencer, IA $250.00

 SP100-B Instrument Cluster

1980 Rex SP100-B Instrument Cluster

USED - Instrument cluster, Includes various gauges and switches
Spencer, IA $150.00

 SP100-B Hydraulic Reservoir

1980 Rex SP100-B Hydraulic Reservoir: P/N 502-06610-80

USED - Hydraulic tank only
Material: STEEL
Gallons: 40
Spencer, IA $400.00

 SP100-B Hydraulic Pump

1980 Rex SP100-B Hydraulic Pump: P/N 102.10772-1

USED - Hydrostat pump, Mounts to pump drive case, Upper
Application: HYDROSTAT
Spencer, IA $800.00

 SP100-B Drive Shaft

1980 Rex SP100-B Drive Shaft: P/N 102-30911-2

USED - Drive shaft, Engine to pump drive, For models with detroit engine
Location: MIDDLE
Running Length: 26
Spencer, IA $350.00

 SP100-B Air Cleaner

1980 Rex SP100-B Air Cleaner: P/N 298-5209-92

USED - Air cleaner assembly, For models with detroit engine
Spencer, IA $150.00

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