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Swaploader SL-180 Hooklift

Swaploader SL-180 Hooklift - NEW

Item: SL SL-180
18,000# capacity, 14'-18' bodies, Adjustable jib (hook) 35 5/8"-53 7/8" with electric over hydrauli...

20765.00 $

Swaploader SL-240 Hooklift

Swaploader SL-240 Hooklift - NEW

Item: SL SL-240
24,000# capacity,14'-18' bodies, Adjustable jib (hook) 53 7/8"-61 3/4" with electric over hydraulics...

24585.00 $

Swaploader SL-105 Hooklift

Swaploader SL-105 Hooklift - NEW

Item: SL SL-105
10,500# cap.,10'-13' bodies, 24" jib,with hydraulic pump and controls, With bumper and lights
Swaploader SL-400 Hooklift

Swaploader SL-400 Hooklift - NEW

Item: SL SL-400
40,000# capacity, 14-16' bodies, Adjustable jib (hook) 53 7/8 or 61 3/4", W/ RH rotation hyd pump, A...
Swaploader SL-520 Hooklift

Swaploader SL-520 Hooklift - NEW

Item: SL SL-520
50,000# hooklift , Fixed jib, With pump, Bumper & light bar
Swaploader SL-75 Hooklift

Swaploader SL-75 Hooklift - NEW

Item: SL SL-75
7500# hook lift, Fixed 35 5/8 jib height, 10-12' bodies, C-A 84-96", With electric over hyd power pa...
Swaploader SL-220 Hooklift

Swaploader SL-220 Hooklift - NEW

Item: SL SL-220
22,000# capacity, 18-22' bodies, Fixed jib (hook) 53 7/8", With hydraulic pump, Air shift control va...
Swaploader SL-212 Hooklift

Swaploader SL-212 Hooklift - NEW

Item: SL SL-212
22,000# capacity, 12'-14' bodies, Adjustable jib (hook) 35 5/8"-53 7/8" with hydraulic pump, Air shi...
Swaploader SL-222 Hooklift

Swaploader SL-222 Hooklift - NEW

Item: SL SL-222
22,000# capacity, 16'-18' bodies, Adjustable jib (hook) 53 7/8" to 61 3/4",with RH hydraulic pump, E...
Swaploader SL-412 Hooklift

Swaploader SL-412 Hooklift - NEW

Item: SL SL-412
40,000# hook lift, Fixed jib
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