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Body Shop Painting and Repair
Suspension and Alignment
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DOT Inspections
A/C and Heating Systems
Brake Systems

Frame: Alterations & Repair

If you're looking to lengthen or shorten your rig's frame, look no further than Vander Haag's. We have the staff and technicians to meet your frame customization needs. Our techs have the experience to accurately and efficiently modify your trucks frame for any application. No matter the make or model of your truck, we can help you. Just ask! If your rig has recently been in an accident, we have the professional equipment to correct and repair your truck’s frame damage. Using our heavy-duty frame repair machine we can correct any type of damage sustained to the frame including twists, sagging, side sways, or diamond damage. We can fix, correct, and reinforce the frame to like-new durability!

Diesel Engine: Remanufacturing, Repair & Installation

Is your diesel engine out of commission leaving you unsure of what to do next? Feel free to consult one of our shop’s techs who can point you in the right direction. Our facilities provide you with the greatest flexibility in diesel engine repair services, allowing us to service and repair engines from all your favorite manufacturers like Cat, Cummins, Detroit, and International. Our computerized diagnostics will quickly help us identify and share with you the pertaining issue. Once we identify the problem we will suggest the best options for proceeding. From bearings, gaskets, turbos, and camshafts to in-frame overhaul kits and complete drop-ins we maintain high quality inventory on hand to quickly meet your diesel engine repair needs. If you are in need of a complete swap out, we have hundreds of quality inspected used and rebuilt engines to choose from! All of our remanufactured engines will be dynamometer tested for quality assurance!

Body Shop: Painting & Repair

From minor fixes to full-on collision repair, our shops are here to serve you. We carry a full line of new, used, and refurbished collision replacement parts. We can repair or replace damaged hoods, cabs, doors, bumpers and more! Additionally, if you are looking to upgrade your truck accessories we can install new fuel tanks, lights, grilles, and much more. We maintain a full line of detailing services for interior or exterior work. If it’s time for a slick new paint job we have you covered as well. Using our full PPG color line selection we can provide you with that eye-catching paint job you’ve been looking for!

Suspension & Alignment

Not keeping your truck regularly aligned can have detrimental consequences including premature tire wear, poor handling, reduced fuel economy, decreased steering wheel return, and driver fatigue. If you’re experiencing any of these secondary symptoms, it may be a good idea to swing by Vander Haag's. We have the right diagnostic tools like the Hunter and Beeline alignment systems to keep your rig running at optimal performance. Over time, heavy loads will cause stress to your suspension system. We can also replace or upgrade your current suspension system to keep you safely and legally driving on the road. We also carry new and used components from axle assemblies, leaf springs, king pings and much more to better meet any expectations you may have.

Truck Equipment: Installation & Fabrication

There is no limitation when it comes to custom builds from Vander Haag's. From grain bodies, dump bodies, silage bodies, flatbeds, and tenders to anything else, we custom install to your specifications. If you’re thinking about adding a pusher or tag axle, we have high quality Link lift axles to meet your needs. We can custom install PTO’s, wet kits, hoists, hydraulic systems, pneumatic blowers and many more. As you will see, our work speaks for itself!

Power Train: Remanufacturing, Repair & Installation

Vander Haag's is your drive line specialist! From diagnostic analysis and repair to differential gear changes and rebuilding, we have you covered. We also maintain a full line of used and rebuilt differentials, steering gears, hydraulic components, and more!

    DOT Inspections

    Don’t get caught off-guard during a roadside inspection! Vander Haag's has certified inspection staff who will have your truck thoroughly checked out so you can get back on the road in no time! After we complete the inspection process you will be given our report which goes over the various vehicle components such as your brake system, coupling devices, exhaust system, fuel system, lighting devices, steering mechanism, suspension, frame, tires, wheels, windshield and anything else! Any issues we find we can discuss and, pending your approval, repair for you.

    A/C & Heating System

    We offer full service and installation for A/C and heating systems. We can inspect and fix driers, hoses, belts, compressors, condensers, radiators, heaters, fans clutches, water pumps, transmission coolers, and more. With our diagnostic services we can perform full system flushes, recharge, and leak detections. Call us with any questions you may have today!

    Brake System

    Is your truck trying to send you a message with high-pitched squeaks, scratching or grinding noises, shaking or vibrating, or pooling fluid? It may be time to get your brake systems checked out. No matter what the issue is, we can help you out. Whether it is pad and shoe replacement, rotors, drums, hose, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, air brake chambers, emergency brakes, power boosters, slack adjusters, seals, bearings, calipers, bleed systems or anything else, we will diagnose and repair it to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

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